Book by Michael Stewart
Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman
Based on the Play "The Matchmaker" by Thornton Wilder
Original Production Directed and Choreographed by Gower Champion
Produced for Broadway Stage by David Merrick and Champion-Five, Inc.

Directed By:
Assistant Director:
Music Director:
Asst. Lights:
Set Consultant:
Dr. Lawrence A. Anderson
Dr. Jeffery S. Prushankin
Keith Clattenburg
Sally Rothschild
Anna McGahey
Dan McGahey
Dana McGahey
Alan Paller
Peg Carter
July 18, 24, 25 and 31 at 7:30 PM
July 19, 26 and August 1 at 2:00 PM
at Shannondell
Almost everyone is familiar with Louie Armstrong singing “Hello, Dolly!” as he welcomes matchmaker Dolly Levi back to the Harmonia Gardens. Most shows are lucky to have one song that everyone will leave the show singing. Jerry Herman has given Hello, Dolly! several showstoppers.

As soon as the curtain goes up, we are introduced to Dolly by the entire cast as they tell us to, “Call on Dolly” for anything you need. As the opening says, “Here she is! Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!” Next “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” fills the stage with dancing, singing, and with gorgeous costumes evoking another era. So much fun you'll want to join them!

Dolly and cast close the first act with “Before the Parade Passes By,” a number that could be the finale of most shows, but here it just warms us up for what is to come in the second act - and what a second act it is! You'll wish we had skipped the Intermission.

Hello, Dolly! stands out in the annals of the American Musical Theatre. It can be characterized as the last of the big, brassy, no-holds-barred, Broadway Musicals. Experience what musical theatre used to be: fun, feisty, fashionable and fantastic, a great time for the whole family! Put on your Sunday clothes and come join the King of Prussia Players in the musical celebration of Hello, Dolly!

Renee Grant
Steve Kuerschner
Irene Molloy    
Morgaine Ford-Workman
Minnie Fay   
Kim Albright
Anna McGahey
Denis Wheeler
Brett Anderson
Tammie Reimer
Ambrose Kemper  
Wren Thomas Workman
Mrs. Rose  
David Moyer
Dave Silberstein

Male Ensemble
Female Ensemble
Nick Gresh
Laura Garifo
David Moyer
Dee Surprenant
Dave Silberstein
Lisa Hendricks
Paul Ondik
Marilyn Bell
Jerry Gideon
Leonor Perez
Charlie Mehl
Nancy Foster
Tammie Reimer

Teen Ensemble
Youth Ensemble
Gigi Garifo
Emily Paller
Lauren McGinnis
Trinity Reimer
Heather Boyle
Amy Wolgin
Erica Schmidt
Abby McGahey
Melanie Vandegrift
Charlotte Kalilec
Ellie Perez
Anna Perez
Julia Cattani
Elizabeth Broome

Dee Surprenant
Heather Boyle
Gigi Garifo
Melanie Vandegrift
Anna Perez
Lisa Hendricks
Lauren McGinnis
Lizzie Broome
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